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Hamilton’s King George reacts to Donald Trump

Serenity Caldwell planted the idea in my mind…

And I couldn’t stop until I got something written down.

So how would King George react to Donald Trump? As one tyrant to another, I think he’d be rather gleeful about the rise of The Donald.

So, with (many, many, many) apologies to Lin-Manuel Miranda…

You say the price of the wall’s not a price that you’re willing to pay
You cry that Marco is little and Ted he is known for the lie
Why so sad? I thought you had charted your course out with Ann and with Rush
You can say that I’m mad – but your nominee’s tweeting out phrases and making me blush…

You’ll be back, soon you’ll see, with this leader of the GOP
You’ll be back, time will tell, let the immigration serve you well
Tyrants rise, parties fall!
We will tweet each other through it all
When you reach Election Day
I will cackle through the Fox News coverage when you vote for the Toupee

Da da dat da dah…

You say the country’s draining and you can’t go on
You’ll be the ones complaining without Don
And oh don’t change the party
Cuz you’re my favorite party
The white, indignant party
The churlish, puerile party
Forever, and ever, and ever and ever and ever…

You’ll be back, like before, for no President will ask for more
For your love, for your praise
And he’ll rule you ’til your dying days
Vote for Trump! Don’t be mad
Or his gang will make you wish you had
And if you feel you have to go
Up in Canada my kingdom’s ruling through a young guy named Trudeau

Da da dat da dah…

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