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Finished reading: Compendium 2


Quantum Night by Robert J. Sawyer

I’ve been a fan of Sawyer’s stuff to this point, and this one wasn’t bad… but not great either. A sort of fascinating concept – quantum states within the brain as the cause of consciousness – but how it plays out is somewhat horrifying.


The Rising (Alchemy Series Book 2) by Ian Tregillis

This series continues to entertain.


The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It by Peter Enns

This is Enns’ popular-level treatment of the subject he’s addressed in more scholarly detail elsewhere – namely, his take on how to interpret biblical (primarily Old Testament) texts that seem contradictory – whether that be contradicting other biblical texts, or the historical/archaeological record, or the conclusions of science. I appreciate that he wrote a popular-level book, and agree with many of his perspectives, but at times I wished he written it with more sensitivity towards those who are coming from a more conservative perspective. There’s a lot of things along the lines of “of course those are obviously contradictions, what’s up with that?” sort of attitude that might turn off people who’d otherwise be helped by the book. Still, worth reading.


Beauty Will Save the World: Rediscovering the Allure and Mystery of Christianity by Brian Zahnd

I picked this one up while attending Zahnd’s prayer school a couple weeks ago. (Yeah, I need to write a separate post about that.) Here Zahnd urges us to rediscover the beauty of Christian belief from amidst the American Christian culture’s desire to over-analyze and have an explanation for everything. The last two chapters alone were completely worth the price of the book. Good stuff.

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