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Finished reading: The Mechanical by Ian Tregillis


I picked The Mechanical by Ian Tregillis off the library shelf on a whim. Well, more accurately, I picked up the second book in this series on a whim, saw that it was book 2, and then went and tracked down book 1, The Mechanical. It was time for some sci-fi/fantasy.

This story is set in an alternate past wherein the Dutch have invented “mechanicals” – sentient robot humanoids that are governed (or enslaved, depending on your perspective) by Asimovian rules of behavior that all work just great until one of them develops free will.

On the other side of the equation are the French who lack the mechanical alchemy and have retreated to Canada where they work on chemical solutions to fight the Dutch “Clackers”.

It’s a good concept and Tregillis writes brisk prose and keeps it interesting. I enjoyed this one, and now need to go find Book 2 in the series again. I wonder what are the odds that it’s still on the library shelf?

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