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Some months I need to clone myself, or, Chris gets work done, Orphan Black-style

So yeah, it’s one of those months. I need a clone. Or two. Or five.

Think of it this way:

“Chris gets work done, Orphan Black-style”


Orphan Black has Sarah – mother, sister, daughter, driven by love for family.


I have Dad Chris.

dad IMG_7503

The Pretty Face

Orphan Black has Allison – perky suburban housewife who runs her own business and is dabbling in politics.


I have soon-to-be-a-manager-at-work Chris.

work IMG_3907

The Technical Expert

Orphan Black has Cosima – cute hippy scientist who gets crap figured out.


I have engineer-who-makes-sure-our-products-don’t-crash-airplanes Chris.

engineer IMG_1655

The Meanie

Orphan Black has Rachel – brutal corporate executive.


I have doesn’t-put-up-with-any-crap-from-program-managers Chris.


The Scary One

Orphan Black has Helena.


I have after-a-long-day-of-juggling-all-this Chris.

long day IMG_4076

I think it would work out rather nicely.

[Yeah, we binged on Orphan Black this summer at our house. Love it!]

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