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Bullet Points for a Wednesday Morning

I’m in Florida for a work trip this week. It’s been a good time so far. Doesn’t hurt when the view out your conference room window looks like this:


But without further ado, the bullets:

  • Rental car for this week: Chevy Camaro convertible with about 3000 miles on it. As usual with sports cars, it doesn’t have the visibility I’m used to in my old Saturn and my minivan.
  • Amending the previous statement: if you put the top down, the visibility is pretty darn good.
  • How can you tell the Midwestern boy visiting Florida: it’s the coldest week of the winter here (highs only in the low 60s!) and I’m driving around with the top down.
  • I’ve been a long-time Tweetbot user but I’ve been fooling around with the official Twitter app on my phone the past few days. It’s interesting to evaluate the design choices. All the ads, sorry, “sponsored tweets” in the official app are sure annoying, though.
  • Last year when I came to this committee meeting, Atlanta got their big ice storm and it took me three extra days to get home. Glad that this year the storm went much further north and won’t interfere with getting home.
  • Watched Guardians of the Galaxy on the way down here. Not sure it was what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it a lot. The plot seemed far less important than the characters, and I really liked the characters. Merits a second watching.
  • Then watched The Maze Runner the other night. That was 90 minutes I’ll never get back.
  • I picked up a $199 Samsung Chromebook right before this trip. I’m reasonably impressed. Cheap hardware, but still functions pretty well. Will be curious to see how it holds up as I use it more.

Enough for now.


  1. I’m also a longtime Tweetbot user, but I downloaded Twitteriffic yesterday because I’d been reading good things about it.

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