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10 years of blogging

The first post on this blog was written on October 29, 2004, in typical new-blogger fashion noting that I had a new blog. Over the past 10 years I’ve written 1597 posts 1, squashed innumerable spam comments, migrated themes a few times, and even tried a non-Wordpress blog engine for a bit.

10 years ago I was still in my 20s, had only one child (a baby), was leading music at a little Baptist church, writing software for my employer, and had been in the first home we owned for about a year. Today I’m much closer to 40, have three kids all now school aged, lead music at a bigger EFCA church, still work at the same firm though I haven’t written a line of airborne code in years, but we’re still in that same little house.

I’m not really sure why people still read my blog; I’m an inconsistent writer and go on far too much about music, books I’m reading, and generally nerdy stuff. I’ve passed my theo-rage-blogging phase, so I’m not likely to get linked by any of those folks any more. (Pretty sure my biggest day in terms of visits was a Saturday that Rachel Held Evans tweeted a link to something I wrote. That’ll likely never happen again.)

I have no idea what blogging will look like another 10 years from now, but assuming it’s still around in some form I imagine I’ll still be doing it. After all, where else can I narcissistically blather on with my own image staring skeptically at me from the sidebar and delude myself into thinking that people read it and find it meaningful?

  1. A good number of them were automated link posts; I wasn’t really writing an original post every-other day for 10 years. 


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