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Sure, *my* story is complex, but yours?

This article over on CT is so much more than its title – “What not to say to a Dad of 4”. The nut graf 1:

This is one of our our greatest failings in the modern internet age, that we rightly believe that our own lives are complex things that defy easy comprehension, but fail to extend that same grace to others. When it comes to their lives, especially those with whom we disagree, we suddenly possess the ability to derive a doctorate thesis’ worth of conclusions about their story and motivations, from only the smallest fragments of data. “You follow Marc [sic] Driscoll (or Rob Bell) and John Piper (or Brian McLaren) on Twitter? – Then I know what you’re ALL about.” * disapproving grimace *

Yes, yes, 1000 times yes. I have been guilty of making this judgment myself and have had it made upon me by others. We all need to do better, to extend more grace. Lord, help us do so.

  1. Nut graf – the paragraph that contains the guts of the story in a nutshell. (A really useful term I picked up from journalist Steve Buttry.) 


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