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Annoying iOS 8 bug in Messages app with third-party keyboards

I started using iOS 8 last week and was really excited yesterday to pick up a third-party keyboard app. Using Swype was pretty much my favorite thing on my Android phone for the two years I had it, and was the biggest thing I missed when I moved to an iPhone.

No complaints about Swype, it works great. But there’s a frustrating little bug in the Messages app that I really hope gets fixed in iOS 8.0.1. Here’s what happens:

When you open the Messages app to view a new text message, it quickly starts out with the messages scrolled half-way up the screen, as would be appropriate, since the keyboard will cover the bottom half. The keyboard isn’t initially displayed.


Then the Messages app appears to go “hey, there’s no keyboard displayed, I should scroll the messages down to fill the whole screen!”. And so the messages scroll down to fill the screen. (This happens so quickly I can’t seem to get a screenshot of it.)

Then the keyboard displays, but Messages doesn’t re-scroll things back to the top. Which means that to see the most recent message I have to manually scroll them back up until the latest one is shown above the keyboard.


It’s just an annoyance at this point, but it’s a frequent annoyance. Here’s hoping they get it fixed in the first point release.

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  1. Jarrah Jarrah

    Yeah, getting annoyed with this as well. Hope they fix it soon.

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