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Bullet Points for a Wednesday Afternoon: San Diego Edition

I’m on business travel this week to San Diego and with so many thoughts rattling around in my head, bullet points might be as good as it gets for now.

  • There’s been a long-time West Coast – East Coast argument among my friends related to burger joints: In-N-Out vs. Five Guys. I like Five Guys, and today made my first trip to In-N-Out. It was fine, but it’s no Five Guys.
  • I had more response on Twitter and Facebook to my burger joint comments than I’ve had on any post for months. Apparently I have a lot of friends who have very strong opinions about burger joints.
  • It’s been a burger-heavy trip; I ate at Hodad’s at a friend’s recommendation on Monday night. It was also pretty tasty.
  • I love the SoCal weather but can’t imagine living here. The traffic. :shudder:

Some thoughts unrelated to my location this week, in decreasing levels of significance:

  • Ferguson, Missouri. So sad. So much pent-up history rearing its head the past week or two.
  • Everywhere else in the world: apparently also falling apart. Come quickly Lord Jesus.
  • I have a long post about death rattling around in my head but no time or will to write it right now.
  • I’ve found precious little interesting new music this year, but the eponymous debut record by the band Colony House is a winner.
  • I won (well, shared) the “Special K” award in our church softball league this season: the award for the most strikeouts. I think I had two.


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