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Not everything that calls itself a church is really a church.

My friend Randy posted a nice little bit of self-observation today that resonates with me:

Q – Randy, are you a heretic or something? What is wrong with you?

First, am I a heretic?

No. I hold to the commonly shared beliefs of the church universal without exception.

What I am is a critic of the evangelical church in the USA in our era. This church has lost its focus on Jesus and has become some kind of leisure time entertainment/marketing organization. Not that there is anything wrong with that; but of course, there is something wrong with that.

Some people fail to distinguish between a local manifestation of the idea of the church and the church itself. If you fail to distinguish those two things, you might see me as destructive rather than constructive. You’ll have to believe me when I say that I love the church. But not everything that calls itself a church is really a church.

Second, what is wrong with me?

Lots and lots of stuff.

I love this guy and give him an understanding nod and smile on this Friday.

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