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Father of Three (Daughters)

I complained last week about the lack of Christian daddy blogs, and before long Sam Radford started a collection over on Medium to collect parenting stories from dads. As he said in his initial post:

I want this collection to be much more than some kind of fatherhood learning forum though. Learning is great, but we guys need a space that allows us to unwind, relax, and simply share our stories—whether there’s anything to learn from them or not. And kids are always a source of great stories, so I want it to also be a space where stories can be told for the sheer joy that their telling can bring. My hope is that this space will have the vibe of guys sat around a campfire, beer in hand, telling their tales.

In that spirit I wrote Father of Three (Daughters) and published it over on Medium. I’m not sold on Medium as a platform – I like owning my own site – but I will at least be good for an occasional contribution. Goodness knows I’ve got enough stories about parenting after a decade of doing it.

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