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“I am utterly unworthy to offer any critique of these mysteries”

I love this confession from Catholic blogger Andrew Sullivan today:

If by doctrine, you mean the core tenets of the Creed I recite at Mass
by heart… then I do not favor any changes in doctrine. I believe in
what I say. Sometimes, of course, it is hard to believe something
that is beyond my real understanding. I’ve thought about, meditated
on, puzzled over and marveled at the doctrine of the Incarnation,
for example – for me, the most radical of all Christianity’s
improbable claims. I believe in it until I can’t, at which point,
I embrace a mystery – what Pascal called “the use and submission of
reason.” But I am utterly unworthy – morally and intellectually – to
offer any real critique of these mysteries; and because I feel and
know the living presence of Jesus in my own life, because that
presence seems to me both human and divine, and because Jesus has
rescued me so many times from myself and from the world, I accept
what I cannot understand.

Sullivan is such a conundrum to me. British transplant to the States,
gay Catholic, politically moderate, fairly serious about his theology,
running a prolific blog that is equally delightful and at times
infuriating. He went to a reader-supported format on his blog last year,
and after a year of continuing to read it via the RSS feed and feeling
like a moocher, I ponied up for a subscription this year.

Support the authors and creatives you appreciate, folks. Whether they’re
musicians, writers, designers, whatever. There are great folks out there
creating great stuff, and our support goes a long way towards keeping
them around.

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