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Bluegrass and Bach: Something Relaxing for the Weekend

It’s Friday headed in to a holiday weekend and I’m tired of writing about serious topics, so it’s time to share this video – a 6-minute PBS feature on mandolin player extraordinaire Chris Thile.

Thile, only 32 years old but long known for his bluegrass/folk/Americana, has recently released an album of Bach Sonatas and Partitas played on the mandolin. As you’ll see in the video – he’s fantastic, and Bach’s music translates remarkably well.

This album is available on Amazon and probably lots of other places. I picked it up this morning and I’m looking forward to spending some time with it over the weekend.

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  1. Jason Poling Jason Poling

    That is a combo I never imagined. Sounds great! Like the Punch Brothers a lot too

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