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Recommended Listening – Sermon Podcast Edition

I had a bunch of podcast-listening time on a business trip last week, and it leads me to commend a couple pastors to you. These guys have both consistently spoken the gospel and pushed me to look to Jesus over the past several weeks. And they could hardly be from more disparate traditions.

First I must recommend Jonathan Martin, the pastor or Renovatus Church in Charlotte, NC. Even though his Pentecostal roots are distant from my fundamentalist Bible church ones, he has brought the good news of the gospel of grace in a way that blesses me richly. His current sermon series is from the first part of Genesis, and it’s been fantastic.

Secondly I’m going to dip into mainline Methodism to recommend pastor Andy Croel from Carson City United Methodist Church in Carson City, Michigan. I became acquainted with Andy through the BHT, and listening to his sermons has only grown my affection for the guy. He gets enough truth into 20 minutes that he doesn’t have to go a whole hour. His constant reminder is that I’d you read the Bible and what you get out is a bunch of things that other people need to change, you’re reading it wrong. But when you read it and start finding what needs to change in YOU? Well, then you’re closer to the right track.

Podcast sermons shouldn’t be a long-term substitute for in-person participation in a church body, but to hear the good news of Jesus shared from a variety of perspectives and traditions is a wonderful blessing. I’m thanking God for these brothers today.

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