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“All of those suck.”

Half the folks from BHT will probably post this, but it’s so good that I’m going to post it as well.

Pastor Rod Rosenbladt’s recent sermon as a conversation between a sinner and God.

Sinner: You mean I had no part?
God: Your sin was your part.
Sinner: But my faith, my devotion, my Christian life are not?
God: All of those suck.



  1. Then why bother doing them if they suck?

    • That’s the obvious follow-up, isn’t it? I think the book answer is that we do those things out of love and devotion for God since He has saved us.

      But what I really appreciate is Rosenbladt’s typical Lutheran emphasis on grace above all else. I tend to get myself into performance traps when I forget that my righteousnesses are really no better than filthy rags.

  2. Angela Angela

    But how do you know if they suck…what if you think you are working hard on those?

    • Angela, good question. Because yeah, our faith, devotion, and Christian life are things the Bible encourages us to improve. The key thing that the author is trying to get across, though, is that in regards to our salvation, none of that matters. Jesus’ payment, all by itself, and without anything that we do, is sufficient for our salvation. What we do in devotion afterward is only a response.

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