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Follow Friday, Blog Style

Recommending blogs to follow is a risky proposition. The fact that I enjoy reading these blogs enough to recommend them undoubtedly says more about me than it does about the blogs themselves. Nevertheless, two blogs have emerged recently that I have found quite enjoyable and worth my time; depending on your interests, you might find them worthwhile as well.

Storied TheologyFirst up is Storied Theology, written by J. R. Daniel Kirk. Dr. Kirk is an assistant professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. I first got pointed to him by online friend Mark Traphagen, and I owe Mark a beer or two for that recommendation alone. I’ve linked him here a few times already, including his thoughts on mixed martial arts and a couple times on his series on authenticity.

Reading a blog like Dr. Kirk’s (can I call you Daniel?) reminds me why I at times think it’d be fun to attend seminary at some point; the level of discussion is stretching but not incomprehensible to this layman. Fortunately blogs like Dr. Kirk’s provide a window into that world and an opportunity for discussion even for this engineer in Iowa. Worth reading.

downhill_both_waysMy other recommendation for today is something completely different: Abraham Piper’s new blog Downhill Both Ways. Presented as “Views and vignettes from South Minneapolis”, Piper observes, thinks, and reports on his urban neighborhood, all the while proving that he is as adept in writing long-form as he is in short form.

I first encountered Abraham’s writing on his short-form blog, Twenty-Two Words, where he pithily comments on the world in posts of exactly, well, twenty-two words in length. When he noted on Twitter that he was starting a new blog, I wasn’t sure what to expect… but I’ve been quite taken with it. There’s something strangely appealing about late-night walks through a big city, and Abraham’s superb writing captures it beautifully. For starters, read his “Why I Now Buy Cigarettes” and “Jumping Trains”.

Check these guys out and let me know what you think. Any new blogs you’re reading and would like to share?

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  1. Yes, you can call me Daniel. Just don't try "Dan" or you're done for.

    Thanks for the shout out here.


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