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  1. Andrew Andrew


    I read this three times over and I'm still thinking that this guy didn't have his coffee that morning- or something.

    first question. He asks that question "Truly, who among is a fully unrepentant sinner this side of glory?"…am i missing something, or does he mean 'repentant' instead of 'unrepentant'? aren't there a lot of unrepentant sinners this 'side of glory'?

    Second: i think his argument that Jesus should have possibly withheld communion from Peter and Judas is, well, wrong. Why? first, Jesus hadn't died yet. coming to the 'table' at the last supper was a symbol of what was coming, not what had already been. This makes the first supper unique. Every communion since has been done 'in rememberance', the first being done in anticipation.
    My conclusion to this thought is forth coming.

    (class is about to start, so i'll probably pick this up next hour)

    • Yeah, that's a typo, I would infer from the rest of his piece that he meant "repentant". Did you read the comment thread after the post? I said pretty much the same thing in the first comment.

      I like your way of putting it – the first being done in anticipation. You know, feel free to jump in on the comment threads of those blogs, too. 🙂

  2. Andrew Andrew

    So, That being said, I think (correct me if i'm wrong) that at the last supper, even if taken by 'sinners who were about to betray Jesus', Peter and Judas wouldn't have drank 'condemnation upon themselves' or 'abused the table' because Christ had not yet died….that which they could have taken 'in an unworthy manner' had not yet happened. Am I explaining myself well? Is this thinking wrong?

    Lastly, if Jesus were to lead a communion service at any church, and exclude those who He knew were going to sin shortly after taking it, I would assume the line leading to the table would be empty.

    just some thoughts.

    • I think you're pretty much on here, bro, though I'm still working through what I think about the idea of partaking 'in an unworthy manner'. In the context of the chapter, it seems to me more like Paul's "unworthy manner" is talking about those folks who show up early and pig out before everyone has arrived, not those who are potentially unrepentant sinners. As you've noted, we're pretty much all potentially unrepentant sinners at various points in our lives.

      There's a blog post floating around in my brain that needs to be written on this topic… let's see if I can make it coalesce into something respectably coherent. 🙂

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