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links for 2009-12-08

  • "More disturbing is the willingness to take a bristling, irrational stance toward homosexuality, an issue that the church—with a few notable exceptions—has already failed to address with any sort of grace. I have resisted the bullying characterization of all gay marriage opponents as bigoted yahoos, but to take a religiously conservative stand on the issue requires almost superhuman amounts of love, humility and nuance. The firebrand tone of these fundraising letters is exactly the opposite; it is openly comfortable with capitalizing financially on unfounded fear of the men and women next door. Regardless of where you stand on the politics of gay marriage, we can all agree that making up wild tales of a government-assisted invasion by people God has commanded you to love is an egregious perversion of the Christian gospel."

    A thoughtful piece, worth reading the whole thing.

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  1. Ryan Ryan

    And signed, apparently, by Mike Farris… disappointing, I would have hoped for something more considered from that source… do these people really believe that when Jesus said he wasn't here for an earthly kingdom, that it was only because America hadn't been discovered yet?!?

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