Shaun Inman’s “Fever” a day later

I’ve had a Fever install up and running for 24 hours now, and I’ve gotta compliment Shaun for working through the emailed bug reports – he responded back twice, once to acknowledge my email, and a second to ask if I had any tips on reproducing one of the errors I reported. ( I couldn’t reproduce it either.)

Where I am seeing problems, though, is in the feed updates. I thought it seemed kinda slow today activity-wise, so I just went and opened up Google Reader. Sure enough, GR has nearly 1000 unread items, just from the last 24 hours. I’ve seen maybe 200 or so in Fever today. I spot-checked a couple of feeds, and yeah, they’re missing. For instance, Andrew Sullivan over on theatlantic.com has at least a dozen updates since this morning… but Fever, even though it says it’s refreshing every 15 minutes, doesn’t have anything newer than 16 hours old.

My one fear with host-it-yourself apps like this is that all of the connectivity issues get thrown back upon the user (and webhost) to resolve – i.e. if there’s no other discernible bug, maybe it’s just something with your server. In this case, though, I think there’s something else going on.

Anybody else have any Fever reports, good or bad?

2 thoughts on “Shaun Inman’s “Fever” a day later

  1. Though I haven’t yet tried Fever, it’s still quite exciting. The bugs seem understandable, and hearing that Shaun has been responsive with support is great. I’m sure he’ll get it fixed soon.

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