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The Gospel Coalition meets Star Wars

Jeff over at @studioix this afternoon retweeted this bit from @ianjukes:

Tim Keller is my Yoda.

That reminded me that I had posted something similar back in 2008, which I now dig out and expand on.

Tim Keller = Yoda

Mark Driscoll = Han Solo

David Wells (not a part of the Gospel Coalition, but I saw him at DG’06) = Obi-Wan Kenobi

Josh Harris = Luke Skywalker

Somebody help me take it from here…


  1. jim jim

    Hi Chris – I was gonna say that Mark Driscoll was darth vader…but that's simply my own personal take on him… ; ) I'd prefer to think of Rob Bell as Luke Skywalker, but maybe he's in a totally different galaxy altogether than the gospel coalition.

    • sam sam

      Definitely a different galaxy.

  2. Yeah, Jim, he's probably in a different galaxy. Besides, I can just see Driscoll in that black vest with the blaster in hand… 🙂

  3. Piper = Obi-wan
    Mahaney = Mace Windu

  4. Piper = Obi-wan
    Mahaney = Mace Windu

    Rob Bell = Klingon from Star Trek

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