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There might be something to this Facebook thing…

Yesterday afternoon we went over to a friend’s house for her belated 30th birthday party. It was a good time – the carrot cake was tasty; there were friends there we hadn’t seen in quite a while; all in all, just about what a birthday open house ought to be. It seemed, though, that I couldn’t go more than about two minutes without hearing Facebook pop up in a conversation.

Now, mind you, this wasn’t a party entirely populated with geeks. Sure, I was there, but I’m the exception rather than the rule. But let’s review. The invite I got for the party: via Facebook. Several comments from the party with the flavor of “yeah, I saw that on your Facebook”. Comment to the parents with the new baby: “oh, I haven’t seen him yet… except on Facebook”. And it wasn’t just the thirty-somethings; the fifty-something retired friend is quite active there, too. (She’s probably challenging my wife to another game of WordTwist right this very minute.)

Got home from the party, popped out my iPod Touch to check my email. (Couldn’t do it at the party, since our friends have secured their wifi and I didn’t take the time to ask for the password.) Saw that the host of our church small group had added me as a Facebook friend. I kick over to the FB app and confirm him as a friend. Long story short, he needed to call to ask about us hosting small group. He didn’t have my phone number. So, he looked me up on FB, wrote on the Wall to get my attention, then asked my phone number via chat. (He could’ve shortened that a bit if he’d just looked at my Info tab, which has my cell # on it… but oh well.)

I’m starting to think there might be something to this Facebook thing.


  1. It's pretty amazing. My mom uses it to keep in touch with her daughters (especially her teenage ones). She says she talks to them now via chat more then she ever has. We've used to to swap recipes with friends, plan vacations, chat about piano lessons, plan play dates. Everyone I know in this area has signed up.

  2. jim jim

    In the past six months, i have found out more about pastoral care needs/concerns with members of my congregation on facebook than any other way I have gotten information in the past. It is a great way to keep in touch and to know what's going on with folks.

  3. I've been able to get in touch with family and friends I don't have emails to. I'm not much of a talker on the phone; I like conversations at my pace, which is precisely whenever I think up something worth saying. Make for a boring phone conversation.

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