Election 2008: I voted

Reports of long lines at many polling places had me wondering if I would be in for a wait to vote this morning. But, at least at my polling place at the neighborhood church in Hiawatha, there was very little line. I signed the register, then signed the book next to my name, then filled in our lovely two-sided scantron form.

The whole thing couldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes. There were contested races for several local positions and I found myself voting for candidates of both parties. I voted to retain a few of the local judges I’m familiar with. When I deposited my ballot into the scanner, the readout showed that I was ballot #548 for the day so far. I can remember voting in previous elections where my ballot number was only in the 200’s late in the day… so yeah, we’re seeing high voter turnout.

Tonight I have my first work league basketball game of the season, at 7:50 pm. I’m betting that by the time I get home and watch the election coverage, it’ll be all over.

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