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links for 2008-10-30

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  • "Conservatism is not an ideology. It's a disposition. And sometimes it takes what Oakeshott called "trimming" to keep the ship afloat. Moderation matters. In some ways, I see Obama as a return to moderation in American politics. And it's conservatives who have become ideologues who cannot accept it."

    I will NOT turn this into an Andrew Sullivan linkblog… I will NOT turn this into an Andrew Sullivan linkblog… I will NOT…

  • "[Obama] had some discretion as president [of the Harvard Law Review] to exercise an element of choice for certain of the positions on the masthead; it wasn't wide discretion, but he had some. And I think a lot of the minority editors on the Review expected him to use that discretion to the maximum extent possible to empower them. To put them in leadership positions, to burnish their resumes, and to give them a chance to help him and help guide the Review. He didn't do that. He declined to exercise that discretion to disrupt the results of votes or of tests that were taken by various people to assess their fitness for leadership positions.

    "He was unwilling to undermine, based on the way I viewed it, meritocratic outcomes or democratic outcomes in order to advance a racial agenda. That earned him a lot of recrimination and criticism from some on the left, particularly some of the minority editors of the Review. …"

  • "The bigger the defeat, if it happens, the more distilled will be the remnant. And the more extreme the policies. And so the cycle continues until denial breaks down. It took the Tories a decade. And they're still not back in power in Britain."

    Andrew Sullivan gets it right, methinks.

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  • Tee hee.
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  • When people I already interact with want web design work done? Gotta chase that one down.
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  • I respectfully disagreed.
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