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The Coffee Experiment, Day 30 or so

I have just about finished up the bag of Starbucks dark roast that we had here at home, what to get next? Well, I came home from work yesterday to find that my beautiful wife had picked up a pound of Columbian Orange Bourbon light roast from Brewed Awakenings, and a coffee grinder to go with it. What a great surprise!

So this morning, after one false start (didn’t grind the beans finely enough the first time), I’ve got a pot of coffee that tastes awfully close to what I drink down at BA when I visit there. Very good stuff. At some point maybe I’ll try out the french press and be a true coffee snob, but for now this stuff is working for me just fine.


  1. My parents introduced me to Kona coffee a few years back as well. Should check it out. That Columbian Orange Bourbon sounds pretty amazing though!

  2. It is fantastic stuff. The beans have a strong hint of dark chocolate and it has a citrus flavor at the end. Very good.

  3. One of my good friends has family that runs a Kona farm, Chris, should you ever get hooked. 🙂

    I keep thinking about drinking more coffee at home, but I’ve decided just to see where the CPAP stuff gets me in terms of restfulness.

  4. Juanita Sommerfeld Juanita Sommerfeld

    Wow, I never thought I would see the day you would convert over to a coffee lover.

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