The Coffee Experiment, Day 4

I’m not sure whether to call this Day 4 or Day 6 of The Coffee Experiment. Do I count the weekend where I didn’t drink coffee? I guess I’ll be conservative and call this Day 4.

The office coffee, to this point, has been palatable. While being Folgers, which Allie assured me Saturday night isn’t really coffee, it has been drinkable with a bit of powdered creamer added for good measure. This morning, though, is a different story. This morning the coffee is bitter and nasty. Glad I got some sleep last night because I’m not gonna be getting any caffeine assistance this morning.

Daniel noted that for this reason he takes his own coffee to work. While at the grocery store yesterday I was contemplating picking up some coffee to brew at home, but thought I might wait a few more days to see how The Experiment pans out. After this morning, I’m thinking I might accelerate that purchase schedule a bit.

6 thoughts on “The Coffee Experiment, Day 4

  1. Chris,
    Here’s my recommendation for tasty morning goodness:

    Chocolate or french vanilla flavored coffee (Starbucks, or anything that costs between $6-8 for a bag) brewed at home. Then add some liquid Coffeemate creamer (much better than powdered)… the mocha almond fudge is delightful, or seasonals like gingerbread, peppermint, etc. Or, if you want to make the most of your poison-eliminating plan (aspartame in Pepsi), use chocolate milk or chocolate Silk soymilk for richer, nutty taste instead of Creamer.

    There ya go. Now I’m craving the above concoction ….. Good Luck.


  2. I broke my wife’s $10-15/week starbucks habit with this combination:

    1) $60 burr grinder, set to the largest grind size.
    2) $15 French press
    3) $20 electric kettle.

    The french press is the best way to make coffee in small batches. If you want to skip the grinder, you can get course ground coffee, but the flavor of coffee will be somewhat sacrificed (since it stays fresher, longer, the longer it’s in whole bean form). Though if you buy it from a place that grinds it for you, you can avoid that somewhat.

    You can also skip the electric kettle, since at work, you probably have a hot water source on the coffee maker.

    –Jason (I suggest a medium roast)

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