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  1. Surprisingly, I read the whole thing. Some good points there.

  2. I did too… and I liked it a lot. I somehow missed the insanity of Labor Day weekend and all the crap about pregnancy. I think a lot of my opposition to Palin falls into a couple categories: shock and awe. Complete shock (that is slowly fading away) and awe that he would pick someone so proudly conservative (I’m thinking of the picture with the giant stuffed bear on her couch). More than anything, that’s why I’m so interested in seeing how she does when she’s not in front of an arena full of supporters or reciting a stump speech. Who knows, maybe she’ll totally blow me away?

    One point that I would bring up to Paglia, though, is that I think we have to take into consideration the massive demands and expectations put on women rising in business and politics over the past 50+ years. The reason Palin can stand there and represent both her powerful AND feminine sides is because of the relentless struggle of the feminist movement. I think people like HRC are the remnants of a movement that basically told women, “if you want to be in a man’s position, you have to act like a man.” Post-feminism folks like Palin have a lot to be thankful for – even if that gratitude is owed to many of the women Paglia refers to as “petulant bourgeois feminists.”

    And she’s right about the free pass the Bill got from feminists and the damaging partisanship that continues to hold back a truly aggressive gender quality agenda.

    Oh, and she really, really likes adjectives. Wow.

  3. Dave and I just agreed about something regarding Sarah Palin?

    Maybe the Large Hadron Collider did cause the end of the world. 😉

    (Thanks for your thoughts, Dave!)

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