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Just another hazard of living in Iowa…

OK, so there aren’t too many hazards living in Iowa as compared to anywhere else in the USA, but one, for sure, is that every four years we get some ridiculous media attention leading up to the caucuses. They’re coming up this Thursday, and then, please God, maybe we can be done with the attention and the advertising for a while.

A couple of weeks ago a reporter from Newsweek contacted an elder at Noelridge and wanted to know if she could come interview some of our folks to do an online piece on Iowans in preparation for the caucuses. The end result is a three-minute video that most prominently features our pastor, Richard Marsceau. You can also hear me plunking away at the piano and singing through the last minute or so. Pretty cool stuff.

Watch the video here. Sorry, Mom and Dad, it’ll probably be impossible to watch via dial-up. I’ve got it saved, though, so remind me next time you come visit.


  1. Our Chris is all growns up! He’s all growns up and he’s all growns up! 😉

    So, is it wrong to ask how you’re voting in the caucus?

  2. Har har har.

    You can ask, but I’m still more or less undecided. I’ll be attending the Republican caucus, but not sure who’s getting my vote. Not the libertarian that our AO is so fond of, to be sure… but beyond that? Not so sure.

  3. You know, just about the only Republican candidate I could stomach voting for right now is McCain. I’m not enamored with him, but I think that he’s the guy I hate the least.

    And I hate John McCain.

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