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Bullet points for a Monday

[As always, I am grateful to Daniel for this very useful format.]

  • Addie didn’t sleep well last night. She’s getting a tight-ish cough, stuffy nose, ick. No fun.
  • There’s been an owl somewhere near our bedroom window for the past few nights. That rascal hooted nearly all night.
  • Read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road in one long take last night. Chilling and bleak. Images that stick in your head.
  • Result of all of the above: sleepy this morning. Very sleepy.
  • It also may have something to do with all the CiCi’s Pizza I ate yesterday. I think I ate a piece too much.
  • A long-ish day at work today.
  • Tonight we’re going to see David Wilcox in concert here in CR. We’re going with some new friends of ours. Should be fun. Hope I stay awake.

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  1. I was inspired by Powerpoint! 😉

    But seriously, it’s awesome. You can put whatever you want in there!

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