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I have a usual stop on my way to work in the mornings: the Road Ranger convenience store at the corner of Blair’s Ferry and I-380. I have an old 52oz insulated mug that I have a habit of filling up with Diet Pepsi. Yeah, I guess I’m a little bit addicted. Ever since they became Road Ranger, the refills of that mug have been pleasantly inexpensive – I’ve been paying a whole $0.62 for a refill.

This morning, though, there was a change – they’ve upped the price on me to $1.05. I guess that’s $0.99 + sales tax. And suddenly I’m not so excited about it. Something about paying with a dollar and still getting change back was cool with me; something about paying a dollar plus another coin makes it seem much less appealing. Still, I’m not quite sure that just going cold turkey is such a good idea, either. And then there’s the all-too-tempting vending machine at work where a 20 oz bottle of pop costs $1.25. Heck, if I’m gonna do that, I may as well just stop for my $1.05 mug in the morning.

Maybe a better alternative would be to buy a pack of bottled pop from the store, throw it in the fridge, and bring along a bottle in the morning. That’d cut the price down, and hopefully start weaning my caffeine addiction… well, a guy can hope.

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