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Propitious Timing

We visited the library this morning, I needed to pick up a few books for my trip next week.  I had Harry Potter book 6 on hold for me, so I picked it up.  As of this morning I was number 101 on the holds list for HP book 7.  But as I was browsing the “quick pick” section, a librarian walked by and plunked a book down on the shelf…  HP, book 7, one of the non-reservable copies.  I snatched it right back up; it must have been on the shelf less than 10 seconds.

So now I’ll be able to finish the HP series in short order; can’t wait to read through and find out what all happens.  Of course, I do need to set them down long enough this week to prepare the sermon for next Sunday.  Gotta keep the priorities straight.  Still, I’ll have a lot of time in airplanes and a hotel room…  🙂

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