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I want to know what was going to happen!

Laura decided to come into our room about 4 o’clock this morning. She needed to go back and sleep in her own bed, so that was a struggle from about 4 to 5. I’m OK with that, hey, it’s part of parenting, but I really want to know how my dream was gonna turn out.

I was one of a group of about four people, and we were heading into some medical office to interview someone that the authorities didn’t want us to talk to. We had Dr. Greg House along to help out. And he was wearing one of those cool little chain mail headscarves that the knights wore in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It could only get better from there… right?


  1. Well at least you can remember that much of your dream! Now at least you can make up a satisfactory ending.

    Better than remembering the first part of your dream but not the ending which has happened to me a few times. =)

  2. I am more interested to know whether Dr. House was going to have an American accent (as his character does on the show) or a British accent (as Hugh Laurie does in real life, and as would befit someone wearing Monty Python headgarb…)

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