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It’s Monday already?!?

So for it being a weekend, it was a busy one. A synopsis:


  1. Ran a 5k in the morning. Finished in 31:33. It was stinkin’ hot outside.
  2. Sat and watched the parade go by. With two cute little girls, you get a lot of candy.
  3. Watched the girls while Becky went to a baby shower.
  4. Went to church for an all-evening elder meeting. Boy will I be glad when this is over.


  1. To church, but didn’t have to lead music – only taught Sunday School. Good times.
  2. Got a couple very sweet Father’s Day cards and a couple of t-shirts. My favorite: the one that says “Those who think they know everything annoy those of us that actually do.” Hehe.
  3. Crashed some in the afternoon, then cleaned house to prepare for my mom and sister coming to visit.
  4. Watched Cinderella Man for the first time. Russell Crowe, for all his personal problems, is a heckuva actor.

Now it’s Monday and back to work. But one week from today I will be in Orlando, FL, on Day 1 of my week-long conference/vacation. Ahhhhhh. I think I can make it one more week.


  1. He sure can act.. loooved that movie so much.

    Sounds like your weekend was fun and activity filled and I am so envious of your vacation coming up! (But it is going to be soo hot down there).

  2. Hey Chris…sorry about the way my Padres “beat up” on your Cubbies this weekend.

  3. GAH! The Cubbies. @#$*F@#$*).

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