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Music Just Wants to be Heard

This is my first – but assuredly not my last – post about Caedmon’s Call’s upcoming album Overdressed. It will be available for pre-order in mid-June and will actually be available in August sometime. It’s gonna be a fantastic album; the band announced last week that Derek Webb will be back recording with the group for this album. Sweet!

What I want to address today, though, is the pre-order. Geof over at has launched an online petition of sorts to urge Caedmon’s to provide an immediate digital download of their album upon pre-order, with the disk to follow up at the appropriate date. I am fully on board with this petition. The digital download worked awesomely with Derek Webb’s solo album from earlier this year, and was again awesome when Jeremy Casella’s Recovery released last month.

So here’s my request guys: find a way to make it happen. Let the music be heard! I’ll be first in line for the pre-order.

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