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Heading home

Having been in DC since Monday night, I’m good and ready to be heading home.  Our meetings have been useful but are winding down, and my flight leaves Washington Reagan at 2:30.  I’ll head out of here, find some lunch, and make my way down to the airport.   I heard a rumor that our next quarterly meeting might be in Seattle instead of DC, which would be nice for an August meeting.  If not, I’ve got a couple hotels scoped out that would be nice to stay at when we meet back here in August.

It will be good to get home.


  1. Rebecca Rebecca

    Hi Christopher! It’s your world traveler lil sister – who’s finally back in the states! China was amazing, we fly out of here (Georgia) tomorrow to Panama – then one more week and I fly home! I CAN’T WAIT to get home and see everyone, I think a trip to Iowa will be essential right away 🙂 Ill bet the girlies are getting big! (Tell them that their aunt Becca loves them! and tell Becky hi for me too!:) At the end of this trip I will have added 14 flights to my travel record :o. I’m so sick of flying… Our longest flight was 11 hours and I’d guess that we’ve averaged about 5 hours per flight, at least. Eh, anyway – it was worth it 🙂 Love you bunches – can’t wait to get to see you and talk with you – !!!!!!!!!!
    Me 🙂

  2. Rebecca Rebecca

    ..and just so you know – all the pictures of ya’ll and the girlies and the outing at Devils Lake officially made me cry….

    missing you…

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