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A much-needed improvement…

I’ve been using Google Reader for some time now as my feed reader, and one of the more frustrating things has been its really bad email feature. When you find a blog post that you want to share with a friend, the email feature should make it easy, right? Unfortunately, Google Reader ended up dumping a bunch (but not all) of the text from the post in a horribly-formatted email. If I were Google I would’ve been embarrassed that it was even an option. It was that bad.

Today, though, I find that they’ve updated the email feature. Now when you click it, it just opens a little panel right in the blog post, lets you type in an email address (which it will auto-fill from your gmail address book if possible), and add a personal message. The email that it sends out then looks good; it includes all the original formatting, pictures, and a link back to Google Reader. Very nice.

Yet another reason to consider moving to Google Reader if you need a feed reader.

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  1. I finally gave in and started using Google Reader myself…. my old RSS reader program just wasn’t cutting it anymore. The only pain was migrating all my feeds into Google Reader… I couldn’t find any way to add a batch of them. Once I got them all in though, I have to say I like Google Reader a whole lot.

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