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Silence is golden; duct tape is silver.

Silence is Golden

The picture here is the only one I could find online that illustrated the tshirt I was thinking of for that quote. Fun, huh? 🙂

It’s been pretty quiet here on the ol’ blog lately. (I know, it’s a blog cliche – when you haven’t written for a while, you break the silence by writing about the fact that you haven’t written for a while… so sue me.) If you ignore the picture posts and all the linky stuff, I haven’t written anything substantive in a while. Sorry.

It’s not that I haven’t been thinking or wanting to write, but a bunch of issues here locally have been taking up my mental energy, and they’re not things I can write about here.

I’m supposed to write a short piece for the church newsletter by tomorrow; if I get it done and it’s not totally awful I’ll post it here – maybe it’ll be worthwhile.

If you want something more interesting to read, go visit one of the blogs I have linked on my sidebar. You’ll find some good stuff there. I read ’em all, too.

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