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  1. Laura Laura

    Hey Chris Hubbs… it’s Laura.. Dan’s Laura.

    Just thought I’d leave a wee comment on your blogg here.. since I have decided to check out some of his links.. and actually read them.

    For the next three weeks anyways, while I’m off school, I’ll have a chance to read and relax.

    COOL site btw! Flip.

    Anyways.. be good.

  2. Hi, Dan’s Laura, glad to have you here reading! (The only other Laura I know is my own little Laura, but she’s only two-and-a-half, so I doubt she’ll be commenting on this blog for at least another, oh, year or so. 😉 )

    Hope you stick around and comment often! I’ll try to make it easier on you by posting more often. It’s been pretty hectic lately, but we’re about to head out on our Christmas vacation and that might provide a bit more time for posting.


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