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Compatibility Issues

My mother-in-law left a comment a few days ago letting me know that the sidebar doesn’t show up correctly for her. I’m assuming this is because she’s using Internet Explorer 6. So, I sat down tonight to fix it. But first, I thought, let’s download the brand-spanking-new IE7 and see what it looks like.

So, one download and a loooooong install later, I check it in IE7… and it looks just fine. So, they fixed something in there somewhere that makes this place look a lot nicer. Kind of them, huh? So I won’t bother trying to fix the theme now for IE6. Mom-in-law Carol, of course you should be using Firefox, but if you’re gonna use IE, just wait for your IE7 update and then you’ll see my blog in all the beauty it’s designed to have. 🙂

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