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Yep, That’s Me

You may notice a new face staring at you when you visit my blog – I modified my theme slightly to include a small picture of myself. There’s also a link to a little “About Me” page if you’re really interested. I figured the site could use a bit of a personal touch; yeah, there’s a real person writing these posts, and yeah, he looks kinda funny. Anyhow, thanks to all of you for reading, please stop back, and don’t forget to leave comments!


  1. Carol Hubbs Carol Hubbs

    I think I’m missing something on my end. I don’t see a picture of your face any where on your blog. Oh, now I see it. Do you only see it when you leave a response?
    What if no one leaves a response? They’ll miss seeing that handsome, intelligent, intellectual guy. Am I still your favorite mother-in-law now?

  2. […] My mother-in-law left a comment a few days ago letting me know that the sidebar doesn’t show up correctly for her. I’m assuming this is because she’s using Internet Explorer 6. So, I sat down tonight to fix it. But first, I thought, let’s download the brand-spanking-new IE7 and see what it looks like. […]

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