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A song from last week’s concert

Here’s a song that recorded pretty well from last week’s concert. I’m playing guitar and Andrew is singing. Oh yeah, the song is Heaven Is Waiting, from the Canticle of the Plains CD.

Fair warning: the audio is a bit fuzzy in places; the recording equipment I used was crude (RCA outs from the sound board at church directly into a mic input on a PC), and we maxed it out more than once. This is probably the least-fuzzy song of the night. 🙁

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  1. Beck's big sis Beck's big sis

    Good job Chris…sounds like D. 20 yrs ago except of course we were more into John Denver then…:-)

  2. sounds great, my technologically gifted brother… andrew sounds great! wow. wish i coulda been there.

  3. Amber Amber

    : )

  4. […] I am long overdue to post pictures from the concert that my brothers and I played a few weeks ago at church. Thanks to my sister Rebecca for taking them! Oh, I did post a song last week, but I never did really discuss the concert. So, let me discuss it. […]

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