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‘Cause we’re all praying for the ice to break…

This song has been rattling around in my head for the past day or two. It’s beautiful, intense, personal stuff, made all the moreso by the knowledge that Andy was really writing this about himself.

My struggles haven’t been specifically with anger like is dealt with here, but I still understand the feeling of “waiting for the ice to break” – for that cold stasis of the soul to crack up into rushing, vibrant spring – Rich Mullins’ streams “all swollen with winter, winter unfrozen, free to run away now…” What a beautiful call to repentance, renewal, and refreshing.

You’re floating like some Lost episode
Now you’re there and I want you but how
How can I get there inside your house of mirrors
Are you looking for a window,
Are you looking for a door?

Cause it’s been too long, too long –
It’s been like this too long.

There’s Scripture taped up to the wall now
Are you getting any solace
From the promises, the Word?
Cause you’re angry,
And you can call it what you want to,
But the tree grows from the seeds in your ground

And it’s been too long, too long –
It’s been like this too long

Cause you’re lonely
And when Matthew said forgiveness
Your heart leapt and your eyes looked away
You get so busy with the hours and the mortgage
You can turn cold and ignore how you’ve changed

Cause we’re all praying for the ice to break
Waiting for our friend to come back to us again

Cause you’re hurting more than anybody
And they’ve got no power over you now…

Andrew Osenga, House of Mirrors

Listen to The Morning online.

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