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Reform and Resurge Conference Audio

I just finished listening to a message that Matt Chandler gave at the Reform and Resurge conference (held at Mars Hill Church earlier this summer) on the topic “The Weight of Pastoring and the Knowledge of Christ”. It is phenomenal. If you’re involved in ministry at all, this particular message is worth a listen. You can download the mp3 here:

I’m downloading the rest of the sessions from the conference so I have something to listen to on next week’s business trip. If anybody (Richard, this means you!) wants a copy on CD to listen to in the car or something, I’ll burn you one, just let me know.


  1. It’s sort of amazing how much stuff connected to Mars Hill is amazing. I have a lot of respect for the work going on there.


  2. eric s eric s

    Hey Chris, I enjoyed the sermon, when you fianlly send me the mix CD I’d also take a copy of this or other good sermons on CD as well:-) Thanks

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