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So it’s Friday. No major bad things have happened. I had one weird problem with my software at work, but I knew I’d seen it before, and searching through my old status reports brought me upon the solution. Now my software release can continue as planned.

This weekend is “Hog Wild Days” in our little burg. My sister notes that it just sounds like an Iowa shindig. And yep, that’s what it is. Not too exciting, but fun to have something that’s close enough you can just walk to it.

Tonight we might have some friends come over; haven’t heard for sure yet. Tomorrow is the Hog Wild Days parade in the morning, then Rebecca is moving down here in the afternoon, so we’ll get her all moved in. I think Mom and Andrew will be staying the weekend, too. Sadly, Dad can’t come, since he’s tuning for a piano sale.

Gotta love weekends. 🙂

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