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A slide projector… and a bedsheet!

[Kudos to Roger for playing along with the Veggie Tales reference.]

A follow-up on yesterday’s adventures with the stereo receiver. I hit my local Best Buy last night (and boy, do we need some competition for them in town, but that’s another post…) and ended up purchasing a Yamaha HTR-5930 receiver. It’s got the usual bells and whistles: Dolby ProLogic and DTS decoding, 100 watts per channel, etc. It was actually quite easy to hook up last night and get running; more intuitive than the Onkyo that died.

Didn’t have time to play with it much last night – it was getting too late. But a little bit of LoTR:The Two Towers on DVD was enough to assure me that this thing will kick out some serious sound.

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