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Andrew Osenga – “The Morning”

Only 18 more days until release. If you’re a fan of Andy Osenga’s already, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about; if you’re asking “Andy O-Who?”, let me introduce you to the man who is hands-down my favorite solo artist. Andy Osenga is a wonderful singer, songwriter, and guitar player, formerly of The Normals, currently with Caedmon’s Call, a member of the Square Peg Alliance, and now releasing his second full-length album in what I hope will be a long and brilliant solo career. (By the way – a link to his blog has been sitting over in my sidebar for months now. If you’d paid attention, you would already know what I’m about to tell you. :-))

The MorningMay 16th will herald the release of The Morning. Andy has released four of the songs on his blog over the past week – if you get over there soon, you may still be able to hear them. After The Garden is a rockin’ tune, reminding us that he doesn’t fit neatly into that acoustic singer-songwriter stereotype. Santa Barbara is only slightly more laid back. House of Mirrors gives a smooth, relaxed vibe that will just leave you wanting to hear it again. And New Beginnings? Well, as Andy says, it just about sums up the themes of the whole album.

Go and listen to his songs. Then hit his website and preorder a copy today. Or, buy a couple of copies. Heck, stock up on his older stuff if you haven’t got it already.

OK, so this is a rather shameless promotion on my part, but seriously, folks, this is some good music, and Andy is just the kind of guy you’d want to support by buying his music. I’ve already ordered mine. 🙂

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  1. […] But seriously, folks, if you’ve read my blog for long, you’ve heard me rave about Andrew Osenga. You’ve even seen some pictures. If you’ve really explored my site you might have followed the link over on the right and visited his blog. But now you have the chance to get a free download of one of the songs off of his new album. This is an offer too good to pass up. Do it. Now. […]

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