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Hustle, Episode 4

Danny from HustleHustle, Episode 4
Originally aired January 28, 2006

Now this was a fun, twisted episode.

The bad guy/mark on this one is an ex-cop-turned-bank-security-officer named Victor. Victor has dirt on Danny, and uses it to blackmail Mickey into helping him. See, there’s this thief named Sam who’s been robbing other branches of Victor’s bank. Victor wants to catch Sam, and he wants Mickey to help him. Mickey grudgingly accepts. Mickey tries to find any way possible to get out of it, but Victor stays one step ahead of him.

Then there’s this side-story going on where Stacie has been detailed to keep Danny out of the way while the con goes down. Poor Danny, he’s fallen for Stacie so hard. And you just know it’s not gonna happen. But he keeps hoping.

Mickey has to make contact with Sam to set the thing up, and after getting to know Sam a bit, he brings Sam in on the con, and it turns into an all-out bank job. It’s pretty slick how they pull it off.

My one gripe with this episode is that the success of the bank job hinges on the bad guy doing what no good bank security guy would do: open the vault, find out the thieves aren’t in it, then run off to find the thieves without locking the vault up again. That just doesn’t make sense. But hey, it was a fun show, so I offer some forgiveness. Am I too easy? Probably. 🙂

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