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Osteen: Prosperity Theology with a Smile?

Albert Mohler raises some questions today about Joel Osteen’s theology.

The first question is this — Would anyone watching his television program, or sitting in his vast church facility, hear in Mr. Osteen’s message a clear and undiluted message of Gospel proclamation? Would this person have any reason, based on hearing Mr. Osteen’s message, to know himself as a sinner and to understand how the cross of Christ is the only ground of his salvation? Would he come to know that Jesus the Christ is fully human and fully divine, and that He came in order that we might have everlasting life — not just a good parking space?

My friend John watches (and apparently enjoys) Osteen from time to time, describing him as the “dinner mint” – light and unoffensive, a nice refresher after a heavier dinner. I haven’t watched enough of Osteen to really be allowed an opinion, but what bothers me more is that there are thousands of people for whom his saccharine sermons are the only spiritual food they ingest during the week. It’s not enough.

HT: Michael Spencer at Boar’s Head Tavern

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