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Hustle: Episode 2

The cast of Hustle
Hustle, Episode 2. They haven’t managed to come up with cool episode names or anything like that. OK, I can survive. 🙂

Originally aired January 14th, 2006.

In this episode, the senior member of the gang, Albert, gets caught cheating at cards and gets severely beaten. While he is in the hospital recovering (and scamming his fellow patients), the rest of the gang has to figure out how to con the guy who administered the beating. He is rich, doesn’t seem to have many vices. But he loves the old movies. So Stacie poses as an American film actress and Danny poses as a bigshot producer in need of cash. Then the fun begins.

One of the unique artistic devices they regularly use in Hustle is a stop-motion effect where the people that are being conned all go into freeze-frame, but the grifters carry on a conversation, interact with each other (and sometimes the freeze-framed folks) and so on. The show uses this device to elaborate a bit (in a stylish way) about what the characters are thinking. They will also sometimes use this without the stop-action – they’ll just stop everything in the scene and start off in some fantasy direction for a couple of minutes, then come right back as if nothing happened.

In this particular episode of Hustle, Danny and Mickey do a song-and-dance routine right out of a 1940’s musical. It’s the creative way of showing that they talked the mark into taking the deal, without actually having to write the dialogue. I’m not a huge fan of this strategy in general, but it fits into the style of the show, and it does save some tedious dialogue.

The ending of this show is quite funny, too; Danny (as the film producer) gets the mark, under the guise of taking a screen test, to record a whole apology to Albert. Sweet, sweet revenge.

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