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I don’t think I’ve mentioned it much before, but I’ve become a big fan of Hustle, a relatively new show on AMC, Saturday nights at 9 PM Central time. Think of it as a cool British version of of Ocean’s 11, but in an hour-long format, with more likeable characters, and with more emphasis on the beauty of the con and less on playing sleight-of-hand with the viewers.

The cast is solid: Robert Vaughn as the old pro; Adrian Lester (a relative newcomer) as the leader of the gang, Jaime Murray (a total newcomer) as the femme fatale, Mark Warren (recently in Band of Brothers) looking like a younger incarnation of Dennis Leary, and longtime British TV actor Robert Glenister as the trusty jack-of-all-trades.

They’re about 10 episodes into the first season right now, and I think I’ve watched all of them so far. I’m gonna try to review each episode as it comes out, and try to catch up on the back episodes here eventually.

Any other fans of Hustle? Leave your comments!

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  1. hm.. cant say im a fan of Hustle, never watched it before, but im leaving you a comment! : ) Does that count for something? Hope your family is well : ) ttys

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