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they’re leaving… but they’re coming back.

By late this evening I’ll be the only member of my immediate family still present in North America. My folks, sister, and brother are heading down to Panama to visit my two brothers who are already there. Actually, I’m not sure if Ryan is going down today or sometime shortly later… but that’ll leave me as the only one back here in the good ol’ US of A. This is a big trip for all of them, but especially for my folks, who haven’t been on a trip like this in many, many years. Dad just got his passport done last-minute, but fortunately it got done. So they’re off, for a 10-day trip.

I’m slightly jealous, but even with cheap (<$400 round trip from Chicago - Panama City) airfare, I don't think we could quite manage with two kids under 2 yrs old on that kind of trip. 🙂 We'll be happy to stay home this time. Have fun you guys! Take lots pictures and have safe travel. I'm looking forward to all the stories and pictures when you get back.

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  1. aaron aaron

    Hey Chris, Everybody managed to make it down here just fine last night. As much as we’d like to have you too, it’s probably just as well you’re not here with the new kiddo and all. Hope things are going well with ya! Love ya bro..

  2. Do you not consider your wife and children part of your immediate family?

  3. Heh, picking nits, are we? 🙂 I suppose I could’ve re-phrased. My wife and daughters are safely here in Iowa with me. 🙂

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